RefugEAP Scheme Launch

EAP Programme for Refugee-Background Students and EAP4SJ RefugEAP Working Group At the Universities of Sanctuary conference in November 2021, we were delighted to be part of the soft launch of RefugEAP, which will be a scheme whereby EAP practitioners from across the UK and beyond work to increase opportunities for refugee-background students to access bothContinue reading “RefugEAP Scheme Launch”

Reacting to the Gaze: Understanding the Muslim Woman Identity and its implication for classroom context

One of my first vivid memories of my Muslim identity was in 2004. My family was bound to leave for  the United States for my father’s work. A major concern was whether or not my mother, a hijab wearing woman, should continue donning it when the memory of 9/11 was still fresh and our safety was notContinue reading “Reacting to the Gaze: Understanding the Muslim Woman Identity and its implication for classroom context”

Linguicism to ‘native-speakerism’: reflections on my M.ED TESOL dissertation findings

Background I first came across Robert Philipson’s book Linguistic Imperialism during term one of my M.Ed TESOL course at the University of the West of Scotland when I undertook a course titled, English as a Global Language. Being an L1 speaker of English, I have always been aware of the seemingly omnipresent nature of EnglishContinue reading “Linguicism to ‘native-speakerism’: reflections on my M.ED TESOL dissertation findings”

Close Encounters with the Consequences of ‘Native-speakerism’: Reflections and Actions-on.

‘Native-speakerism’ is something that ELT is trying desperately to move away from, although efforts are, in my opinion, still not enough. It still seems that we as a global ELT community hold a widely-espoused belief: ‘native speakerism’ is wrong! – yet, the industry, or should I say, certain members, continue to promulgate the idea ofContinue reading “Close Encounters with the Consequences of ‘Native-speakerism’: Reflections and Actions-on.”

EAP assessment for Social Justice

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 12:45-14:00 (BST) This event was inspired by TAFSIG (Testing, Assessment and Feedback SIG) and EAP4SJ recent collaboration with Dr Jan McArthur when we talked about higher education assessment for social justice, and particularly the role of values of trust, honesty, responsibility, forgiveness, and responsiveness (McArthur, 2020).  In this world café event, we invited you to join us in this discussion, with the focus on EAP assessment in terms of the currentContinue reading “EAP assessment for Social Justice”

EAP Assessment for Social Justice 

Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 12:45-14:00 (BST)  The BALEAP Testing, Assessment, and Feedback and EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Groups would like to warmly invite you to our online event. TAFSIG and EAP4SJ recently teamed up to bring you an interview with Dr Jan McArthur in which she explored how assessment might function as a tool for social justice in HigherContinue reading “EAP Assessment for Social Justice “

Delivery or Deliveroo? Rethinking the Summer Pre-Sessional

Within EAP, pre-sessional courses have become as synonymous with the British summer as washouts at Wimbledon, picnics in the park and saucy postcards from the seaside. The majority of UK universities provide a glossy menu of such courses for international students whose proficiency falls below standard entry requirements (Pearson, 2020, p.420).  If you type theContinue reading “Delivery or Deliveroo? Rethinking the Summer Pre-Sessional”

Assessment for Social Justice: A joint EAP4SJ and TAFSIG interview with Dr Jan McArthur

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE In this first ever joint SIG interview by Jo Kukuczka, Jan McArthur, author of ‘Assessment for Social Justice:  Perspectives and practices within higher education’, shares her thoughts on: 1. Why assessment for social justice?2. What is the key to the justice of assessment?3. What is assessment that promotes greater socialContinue reading “Assessment for Social Justice: A joint EAP4SJ and TAFSIG interview with Dr Jan McArthur”


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