RefugEAP Scheme Launch

EAP Programme for Refugee-Background Students and EAP4SJ RefugEAP Working Group At the Universities of Sanctuary conference in November 2021, we were delighted to be part of the soft launch of RefugEAP, which will be a scheme whereby EAP practitioners from across the UK and beyond work to increase opportunities for refugee-background students to access bothContinue reading “RefugEAP Scheme Launch”

A ‘safe space’ in ‘cyberspace’? Refugee students in synchronous online EAP classes

– Aleks Palanac – The argument for classrooms to be set up as physically and viscerally safe spaces for refugee students and others who have experienced potentially traumatic events is not new (e.g. Horsman, 2004; Kerka, 2002), and the application of this work to English language learning contexts is beginning to gain more momentum andContinue reading “A ‘safe space’ in ‘cyberspace’? Refugee students in synchronous online EAP classes”